Why Hermes Birkin Bag Replica Can Be So Popular?

1, pick the leather.

The world’s best leather suppliers, choose the power of the first round of the skin is left to Hermes, secondly will turn LV, GUCCI and other brands. Any defective leather Hermes are unnecessary. And we are in strict accordance factory cortex to customize each package, pick the best of the leather, each piece of leather is carefully selected before, so please rest assured that our leather problems

2, skin types.

Hermes bags are generally the most common skin are: cowhide, sheepskin, lizard skin, ostrich, alligator. 2009 out of things snakeskin.

A, the first thing to say is leather, leather Hermes very many (generally leather location, species and other patterns and cattle to points.) In the later one in a million leather, we are using the manual approach tannin to process leather. Let show its properties to create a variety of beautiful leather lines.


B, ostrich.
We only choose the position of the African ostrich leather ass because ostrich pores, pores butt position is the most uniform, looks even more beautiful. So you will find each of our bags ostrich skin pores are very uniform.


C, alligator.
Hermes has its own crocodile farms, and generally small money bag by a crocodile made whole. We also import Australia alligator to make each package, high cost, good quality.


3. All manual.
Craftsmen stitch package is handmade, hand-drawn style. Why use soaked wax twine? Because the moisture-proof effect.

4, inside and out.
Hermes bag is a major feature as beautiful inside and outside, the outside layer of skin, which is a layer of skin, like a real classy lady. When Ms. reached into the bag to find things, not only the hands will feel comfortable, the eyes can also see beautiful inside.


5, beeswax Edge.
Package usually will have a black handle and outside edge, Hermes beeswax Edge will not fall off. Hermes is because the layer of paint on a layer of beeswax and then, after several such repetition, to complete a handbags of Edge.

Second, why Hermes original Pi Bipu through your skin so much?

Because the original leather is imported from abroad came in, every one skin, each of the metal is taken through several specialized staff carefully chosen material. Ordinary skin are generally domestic leather, texture aspect does not compare imports of leather. So we are able to show identity to buy a tote in front of everyone, of course, first original leather bag made out of it!


Third, is not a Hermes genuine original leather just the same?

Different. We all know that the original leather is imported from abroad coming in, each skin are carefully chosen, and the workmanship is first class master one to do it, to make a general original leather bags are spend half months to do it, and then through the layers of checks will be shipped, so we do out of the original package purses can reach 95% or even 98% of the real thing. And a genuine Hermes bag sell hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions, is that we can not afford to consume. In fact, we all know that Hermes bags a year yields are very rare, Hermes platinum package, to the counter you want to buy can not buy it, generally made will have to wait three to five years to get the goods. So Hermes genuine rarity became friends.

Hermes Birkin 35CM Tote Bag Replica Croco Leather H35CO H35CO Yellow
– Croco Veins calf Leather
– Lambskin lining
– “Hermes Paris made in France” embossed on front under the flap
– Gold hardware with lock and key
– Hermes Paris embossed on the hardware
– 4 protective palladium feet at the bottom
– One zip pocket interior
Size: W35 x H25 x D18 cm (1 “= 2.54cm)
Hermes Birkin 35CM Tote Bags Comes with: Hermes lock, keys, dust bag, care booklet.

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