Replica Prada Saffiano Tote Bag Pink

This year there is a brand of a section of the package because of a film hit, became the “explosion models”, making a partial business type originally handbag, became the influx of people in the hands of IT bag, and even become street package Trends – Yes, that is the PRADA Saffiano series handbag, now known as “killer bag.”


PRADA Saffiano BN2274, because in the movie Mission Impossible 4 is a killer Mona carry, cover had a pistol, loaded with diamonds, eye-catching triangle mark repeatedly openly appeared on the big screen, a dark theater every lead a muffled exclaimed –PRADA! So this package instant burst of red big sale!


This Replica Prada is not difficult to find the strongest black gas field, it is because this section belong stereotypes inclusive package, simple and elegant style, tough line, the whole bag body hardly any decorative details, PRADA triangular mark only the finishing touch, such models of packets belonging to the classic style, it is generally the color black, white, dark red, dark blue and so the most appropriateness, papaya color, red bean paste color, blue lake is acceptable, but it will not become a classic color, but most do not actually Rose suitable for this package. This package type is actually not much worthy of note, because it is too classic style, but noteworthy is the mouth of the bag hit color double zipper design, only take into account the practical, but also to avoid excessive boring.


BN2744 really have to say is more practical than the same series BN1844, one is with double zipper design, zoning clearer, more secure valuables; two is “two ways”, but both single shoulder portable, Business and routine will not go wrong with the street. The 1844 can only be portable. I have a BN1844, only one fastener is completely open, completely without partitions at all, you need to put yourself inside a consolidation package, otherwise the bag mess of what to look for can not be found, and wallet and other valuables and a glance demonstrated.


Of course, 1844 is also some advantages, but also two special obvious advantages. One particular light. Because the hardware particularly small – neither nor strap buckle fastener, but also no extra internal lining, so Replica Prada Saffiano is very light weight. I just got this bag a very surprised at such a big bag almost no weight, but also lamented the lot of its superb leather treatment process. Second, the business is strong. Because the interior design completely “open”, the size and the length of 37 * height 26 * width 17cm, put A4 size document is appropriate. A few days ago I also use it to install a lot of files, not how deformed. Plus light weight and you can really count a high cost business package.


This series also BN1786, BN1801, BN1802 roughly the same style, but different sizes, single and double zippers, with or without straps and other combinations. I am more respected this series of black and cornflower blue, style and color whenever you are not out of date, inclusive business and leisure Safe, very responsible to say, it is very worth having a package.


Hasp handbag Prada Saffiano want a sense of security to meet the city beautiful, and has hasp design package I also pay more in a piece of leather used to make the bag more secure, but also to “shelter” Oh! Shape and Prada Saffiano lux handbag is very similar, except that portable lengthened increased some, Baoshen printed words striking brand Prada. Several colors are vibrant eye-catching, is the perfect choice for your summer!

Saffiano a pass deep processing of leather, stiff type, surface texture with fine cross that looks both delicate and beautiful. Prada early as the 1970s began to use Saffiano leather, but until the past two years began to fire, from Fendi, next to DKNY, have launched their own Saffiano each paragraph. Small embossing Plaid is the hallmark of Prada Saffiano series bags, the series uses the Spanish calfskin bags produced by a special process, showing a unique slant Plaid texture, tough and durable and have scratch effect.

Prada Saffiano Calfskin Leather Tote Bag BN2274
– Saffiano calf leather tote
– Double handle
– Detachable Shoulder Strap
– Metal lettering logo on saffiano calf leather base
– Snap closure
– Two outside pockets with zipper closure
– Four inside pockets, one with zipper closure
– Prada logo lining
Size: W33 x H24 x D15 cm (1 “= 2.54cm)
Replica Prada Saffiano Tote bag comes with: serial numbers, care booklet, Prada dust bag, Prada Card, tag.

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