Replica Louis Vuitton Lockit MM Tote Bag Red

LOCKIT is LV classic since 1958, the launch of the package, the package as arch design with sports packages like large capacity. As the name suggests, its biggest feature is indispensable brass lock bag body design, other than “closely linked to heart” of good moral both decorative and practical function.  After Nicolas Ghesquiere took over LVMH Group, the timeless LOCKIT second renovation, use and flexibility with excellent ductility known Veau Cachemire leather to create further expansion of capacity, with light coffee, rosy red, cherry pink , dark purple, black five kinds of color choices, retreat significantly understated luxury, forward and sweet feminine. Package at the end as usual with metal feet, ready to show people “the thirty thousand bags anywhere fling” the pride and not be overly distressed.

Louis Vuitton Lockit MM Supple Leather Tote Red

American Golden Globe Award for Best Actress Michelle Williams gracefully lying on a suitcase, the “Paris woman” confident that accentuates the essence of fashion. In addition, LV invited well-known blogger Chiara Ferragni Milan, filming commercials, the new LOCKIT in her interpretation of the next change people for the large capacity bag “dusty” impression, full of elegant, functional and fashionable.

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Lockit handbags since 1958 birth design repeatedly been reinterpreted, but it was always the same classic elegance. 2014 summer Lockit handbag soft leather manufacturing, followed the opening of the iconic design and padlock design, and the integration of new fashion elements.

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Lockit Louis Vuiton Handbags Replica not only launch new products this year, precisely retro version introduced this year is the second renovation, the original LV Lockit bag launched in early 1958, it is an arched handbag, at that time considered very modern style.

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Until today, the old version of LV Lockit bag is still very popular. Louis Vuitton Lockit bag first renovation occurred in 2006, which inspired the creation of a closed system, a leather bag decorated as a padlock was hung on one side, the basic shape of little change, but also introduced a new dimension .

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Louis Vuitton Lockit bag refurbished in the second year (2014), the brand with contemporary fashion elements, to which the bag to make a new design. Baoshen soft calfskin, more atmospheric bag size, color has become more low-key luxury, while richer feminine!