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If you appreciate the past few years for Marc Jacob Louis Vuitton design work, it do not miss Louis Vuitton 2014 spring and summer series of bags. Yes, this is Marc Jacob wrap up in the brand, so highly treasured value. Remember a month ago That black farewell show it? Past spring and summer series of the brand will choose light color tones, highlighting the warm spring and energetic side, but Marc Jacob chose to black and you farewell. Perhaps because of the sadness of parting, perhaps wanted the audience to always remember that for Louis Vuitton with many surprises him, black and black stage clothing and accessories, really impressed us. This time we finally have the chance to get their own accessories to enjoy the series, of course, is mainly black. Louis Vuitton leather and other good at making more famous fashion accessories, this year the brand has launched a bucket bag immediately become hot fashion bag models. Whether you like Marc Jacob still like Louis Vuitton, this series is worth your appreciation repeatedly.

Louis Vuitton Cabas Bag White

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Lines inspired Louis Vuitton Porte-Document Voyage season series from the 1930s during the revolution in transportation, drivers used to place a blanket bag style. It’s elegant and versatile, quickly let Porte-Document Voyage (PDV) became the Louis Vuitton series, the most masculine practicality representative series.

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Initially, Porte-Document Voyage series with clean lines to highlight its durable leather material properties, open a desirable city tours. And for the first time since 1981 combined with Monogram pattern, Porte-Document Voyage will embark on series of Louis Vuitton leather goods growth journey, step by step solidly through the years, and this year launched a beautiful embossed and soft Taurillon leather style, the whole series is more to the rich new color rendering.

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2014 Louis Vuitton Cabas Mm Tote Bag White / Red 94302 timeless, multi-functional and elegant, the new permanent family ICONS offers men’s clothing accessories essential single product. It consists of a variety of well-known Louis Vuitton design composition, such as in the Harrington Plaid zipper cardigan jacket in the cold, or the perfect portable Mac, etc. ICONS with new colors and materials abundant throughout the series and the season. Elegant, sophisticated, understated refinement, ICONS series of real wear and easy to ride, better complement each other with any original taste. Professional cosmetic bag, multi-function, multiple sub-grid and storage bags. Professional makeup artists use primarily tourism type bag, usually easy to carry. Sub-grid small, but fully functional. You can place commonly used in cosmetics and toiletries. Household small bag, ever-changing styles and types. Color and quality is uneven, more small cosmetic bag cosmetic company’s promotional items. When buying cosmetics gift items. Bag, makeup is used to beautify one of his bags.

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2014 Louis Vuitton Cabas Mm Tote Bag White / Red 94302 leisure package with the pace of fashion into our living area. Diversified development trend, different style design into its bright signs. Followed the trend of casual wear, casual bags has become a new fashion style. Here I will introduce some routine maintenance methods leisure package.

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1 stick of gum how to do?
Bags glue gum, just put in the freezer, make chewing gum frozen hard, it is easy to get rid of;
2, there is how to remove the water leather bag pen Road?
With shoe polish, may be used to wipe oil detergent. But there are drawbacks, the leather get too wet or washed with detergent than before the leather surface becomes rough, even after becoming wet to get rid of paper like the same ups and downs.
3, how to remove the ugly smell of sweat on the package?
First, buy a backpack is to pay attention, you can choose a cortex, or gum, so that is not easy to account for sweat. Like those backpack distribution, and the run into the water ah Khan, there will trace, bad weather will be moldy.
As to how you want to clear these taste. Select the package in good weather clothes look clean, dry on the line.
(1), sunscreen which is the most basic, long-term exposure to sunlight or in the environment, easy discoloration and deterioration
(2), cleaning, general cleaning bags are not often
(3) To be installed in accordance with the bag material goods

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