Replica Hermes Steve Togo Messenger Bag


Hermes leather wallet is the introductory paragraph, Hermes Hermes orange leather long wallet new, because the choice of epsom leather, looks trendy type, color and natural, Hermes wallets best one to go. Hermes leather wallet is the introductory paragraph, Hermes Hermes orange leather long wallet new, because the choice of epsom leather, looks trendy type, color and natural, Hermes wallets best one to go. The new Hermes fashion business leather briefcase for men adhering to the extraordinary excellence, extreme gorgeous design, creating the traditional model of elegance to the extreme, so the bag, by his side, it is your face, it is your dignity.


The new long section of orange leather Hermes Steve Togo Leather Messenger Bag epsom leather wallet features, he does not like TOGO leather, because the use of adult male leather (neck skin), would have a similar skin surface embossed lines,; also not as a general leather, cowhide is generally closer than TOGO matte effect, oil higher, softer, and therefore some slightly sagging sense (looks like ironed togo). The new Hermes Hermes orange leather wallet long section of the characteristics of epsom leather, soft and hard just right, especially wear-resistant, it is the most popular Hermes wallets, cater to women like applicable subconscious. The Hermes wallet style for proven long section, length and width of 17.5 × 9cm, scale is money to be able to lie down comfortably, commented hermes wallet is the most warm and charming colors, the new Hermes Hermes orange leather long section There is also a feature of epsom leather wallet, generally do not accidentally wet a little bit of water, on this Hermes wallets is no harm.


Hermes Steve Togo Leather Messenger Bag with respect to prior platinum package, this canvas bag series even more calm and restrained. Hermes bag is designed specifically for business men to create the classic series, simple exterior design, but the use of color make feel more stable. Hermes is not only expertise in leather processing, leather Hermes continued research weaving technology, and has introduced a new bag material used in the package section. Hermes handbags classic canvas Business Series H is the most classic, is the first launch of the canvas, Hermes exclusive weave, to create this resistance, water repellency, Jian Gu dense material finest materials, each year, Hermes has introduced new H colors on canvas, the most popular than the classic Hermes orange and red, brown and black durable.


Our company only supply original fine handmade leather bags, leather bags to see a first look of leather, these bags are imported original leather, and more shiny, looks cheap sense, we are slightly matt cortex, but also a soft touch, inside and outside are the same imported original cowhide and sheepskin, non-market, which use similar kinds of cheap boarding cowhide or sheepskin. Hardware, this bag of hardware, though small, but they are specialized custom mold, the Yen and the vintage of the trace are not bad, so once out of stock, you may also need custom hardware, time will be a little longer. There is a manual, the general factory car lines are not straight does not, this is the most basic, handmade look so small places, such as two packages this package buckle, buttons thin, leather is very thick, package, it might not round, convex concave concave circle all, we can compare other homes where there cap in turn connected with the bag body will drum kits, handle at the reinforcement layer (weighing force The key positions), are reflected in the quality and durability of a package places.


In this note we also remind you of how the maintenance of the bag:

1. Save the contents of paper to moisture air, and the dust bag hooded, placed ventilated place
2. Maintenance usually wipe with a dry soft cloth gently
3. metal parts, use silver polishing cloth to wipe
4. Avoid bags with water to prevent hardening or fading, avoid folding and weight, to avoid creases or cracks
5. Local slight dirty dirt with a soft, slightly soapy water and wipe clean Bucharest
6. Serious dirty dirt can pay maintenance shop or contact us


All of the pictures on website are 100% photoes of real products.
Main color: Light Coffee
Materials: Made of top quality genuine leather, imported anti-rust hardware
Size (LxHxD): 8.7 “” x 7.9 “” x 2.8 “” (22cm x 20cm x 7cm)
Packaging: Hermes original dust-proof plastic packaging bags
Note: Hermes with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description “.

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