Replica Hermes Shopper Bag Original Canvas H3618 Orange

In 1986, the fifth president Jean-Louis Dumas aircraft encounters French actress Jane Birkin, and specifically for her introduced this classic design. More casual than the Kelly bag form, material and color choices range is greater. 2004 autumn and winter, Gaultier designed the Birkin bag extending new proportions: horizontal rectangular Birkin backpack straps.


Birkin bag in four sizes, 90 different materials and colors, mostly leather cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, and more precious crocodile leather, ostrich and lizard skin. Even such a high price, but also experience a long wait to order. Because after each packet is the master of hand-made, a bag of the completion time of 3 months, 6 months to 1 year to take the arrival. BIRKIN each product are subject to a craftsman Seiko secret agents 18 hours, then compiled on the number, engraved with the names of craftsmen, so each one is unique.

Today Hermes has more than 80 kinds of products of its subsidiaries engaged in the production, wholesale and retail and logistics management, and constitutes Hermes three parts, namely HERMES Sellier (leather goods), La Montre HERMES (watch) and HERMES Parfums (Perfume ), and has offices around the world. Hermes has about two hundred stores worldwide, 56 retail counters, in order to maintain consistent ownership of Hermes taste and image, all product design and production, on the pattern of each store’s design, even in France showcases are original Factory order only by air to the rest, it is desirable to maintain the centuries-old insisted.


1 Find Hermes represent letters “H”
Hermes handbag with canvas, for example, at the bottom of the handle, zipper buttons are printed with “H” letter. In the letter “H” once the handle is done by craftsmen in the weaving process, because the process is complicated so cost than hand-embroidered fabric weaves and then more expensive. Rough imitation of the production process, so careful observation will find flaws. As shown on this Hermes handbags are printed with metal zipper letter “H”, but it can not serve as the most important factor to Tell Hermes, because in 1965, some HermesBirkin products are not printed with “H” letter.

2 see the lines
Hermes canvas bag adhering sophisticated French knitting techniques, including surface is composed of two lines in different directions alternately block from woven, not flat knitting method so simple. This is also an element of imitation goods can not be copied, but also its expensive for a reason.

3 No.
Until today, the Hermes handbag made their sophisticated production has inherited the tradition of sewing from start to finish by a craftsman and a unique serial number printed on. This is both an expression of pride in their craft artisans, but also reflects the Hermes noble birth, but also to facilitate the repair of customers. Each package has a unique serial number, Hermes prove noble origin.

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