Replica Hermes Evelyne TPM Blue Saint Cyr Amazone Bag H logo

First, the quality of the bag Hermes Evelyne III is really impeccable, American actress Kate Walsh every time a weight to carry, will choose her Evelyne III brown bag, according to what she said back for a long time, but little damage traces are not. This is the perfect card Mingaimashi Taurillon Clemence leather tough and firm!


Second, is it a classic look, with all the classic timeless bag models, like Hermes, Hermes Evelyne III Bag design is very simple, smooth lines, with holes in the front of the bag body iconic fashion brand printed letter “H”, so see at a glance who is big goods, long and solid strap make this a very comfortable back in the body bag. For Tyrant who this bag prices are very reasonable, because it has four sizes, so the price will be different sizes.


Hermes Hermes brand in the family, to the number of the most prestigious Hermes Platinum package and Kelly package. So many people because most of the attention are betting on these two bags Hermes bags and ignore the other members, such as Hermes Evelyne  bag. I put it down to this bag, especially love their pink that section Hermes Evelyne bag. This is not only because of the characteristics of the bag itself, but also because it gives the user a surprise.


Hermes bags have a lot of common characteristics, such as high quality, this bag is no exception. This bag with taurillon calf for the material, feel very soft, but very practical. This is not an ordinary taurillon calf leather, but the quality of leather. The production of bags are often caused by a complete made of cowhide, no patchwork, no adulteration.


Another feature Hermes Evelyne bag is sewing process. Sewing needle sewing process the way people use sewing, first-class production process, delicate hand, almost needle pitch of each needle is the same. Hermes is also the strict quality checks created its win with quality reputation.

This Hermes Evelyne satchel rendered in pink, with a heavy feeling princess, and very petty bourgeoisie, is simple and elegant, understated and elegant combination. Also, this bag beautifully designed, with its laid-back style is fashionable, it is suitable for the fashion office and travel Oh!

And Hermes Evelyne satchel biggest feature is its hollow H shape. I think this hollow has two purposes, first, to highlight the design of novel, the second is to increase the degree of recognition bag. Big hollow H people see that this is Hermes Evelyne Hermes bag. And it is also a good opportunity to advertise it. Like you, unreasonable, and has put it down! God quickly gave me a pink Hermes Evelyne bag, let me quietly concerned about this fashion house women also fashion a bar!

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