Replica Hermes Etriviere Calfskin Messenger Bag Online

Hermes Etriviere calfskin messenger bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and compartment bag, using Sombrero calfskin or Negonda calf production. The new dark leather texture highlight this pack equestrian elements: woolen stirrup strap, Etriviere belt buckle, the top dome and triple stitching.


The world’s luxury brand Hermes has been beautifully handmade and aristocratic style based on luxury brand’s peak. Hermes luxury, a conservative, distinguished from the whole to the details, are filled with rich culture as profound and horse center.

Many classic Hermes bag of money, Hermes Jypsiere, Hermes Lindy, Hermes Garden Party, Hermes Tiny Kelly, maybe have your interest, maybe you’re not familiar with. Anyway, welcome to the world of Hermes.

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Hermes Etriviere should be in addition to the Hermes Herbag, Hermes home relatively new style of canvas bag. Same main color number is Hermes orange, while the official line now has two color numbers are Fauve Aegean blue Aegean blue and tan. Wrap the material is pure canvas strap with the calf.

To be honest, if not hanging Hermes brand, I might never noticed this canvas bag. It’s smallish, thin bag body as canvas bag capacity is a bit too small. Coupled with the bag body and the shoulder strap is a little asymmetric proportions, how the United States can not say exactly. Price touches not expensive, but only for the purposes of Hermes brand bags, as plain canvas bag, a small one million price is also really quite lovely.

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Hermes Hermes bags every woman wants to have one, but there are too many hermes bag shop so that everyone is difficult to make an informed choice, on our website in order to satisfy the interests of consumers. I launched the price of good quality bags, we are committed to eliminating the postage, to customers save more money and more money. When you receive our bags, I feel there is any dissatisfaction can contact us first. Here are some details about the bag:

Category: Messenger Bag
Material: leather -SOMBRERO calfskin leather + HUNTER
Process: Hand-made
Style: Spring 2014
Origin: France

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