Replica Goyard St Louis Bag

Ladies handbag is like a private little world, his habit of always romantic and tenderness, and the pursuit of fun collection of them. And on GOYARD history, but also often hear “than LV also established luxury brand,” this argument. Indeed, it was founded in France in 1853 (one year earlier than the LV), also thought the royal nobles known for the production of luggage. The nineteenth century, European trains, ships and other transportation facilities into the developed stage, the prevalence of travel between the royal family, aristocrats and other wealthy people, often need a lot the last few months a lot of clothes fitted wooden cabinets and living supplies to ensure During the trip as comfortable with at home. GOYARD was good at making all kinds of suitable waterways wooden box, with strong, waterproof known, but also how to make the first developed a “floating Mizuki.”


In addition, they can always designed according to the customer’s needs a similar pet boxes, candle boxes, champagne boxes, boxes and other special-purpose bike box, the 1931 design of the desk trunk (closed is a big box, to the destination branch open up became a desk, which can also install a typewriter, paper books and documents, etc.), to obtain a patent granted by the French government luggage department. Now the brand’s iconic waterproof fabric material is in the founder’s son Edmond Goyard Francois Goyard took over developed, and mixed woven cotton fabric coated with a glossy Crystal Gum Arabic, texture, light but strong and not afraid of strong rain. Affixed to the outside of the trunk, that is beautiful and pretty again strengthened the case of durability and water resistance. The material by hand-painted trees makes up the Y-shaped pattern is first appeared on the suitcase decorative patterns, from 1892 after the design has been used up to now.


St.Louis is Goyard most famous and iconic of the package, not using leather, but a mixture of a variety of non-leather material is made of natural canvas Goyardine canvas made this canvas production technology strictly confidential. Cloth surface pattern drawn by hand once a month together. But now been replaced by a more advanced technology Dropouts. This package and all Goyard bags like never discount, only in specialized stores on sale, is a favorite of Hollywood stars go companion. These patterns are not used so far imprint template system of law, people are still working hand-dot printed up. GOYARD now specializes in lightweight luggage selection birch wooden frame, with an exclusive waterproof fabric material to do the facade, with metal angle, locking, leather stitching junction, as well as hand-drawn pattern, price it, LV naturally luxurious and expensive than a lot. Lovers in addition to the British royal family, the Russian Far king, Windsors, Picasso, Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle, nearly had Karl Lagerfeld, former Dior Homme designer Hedi Slimane, Madonna and more.goyard2

The Goyard St. Louis Orange is the best-selling one, but before the LV Never Full launch of the brand has some classic style, when things did not install components lighter than many shopping bags, firmness is surprisingly good . Part of the package using a leather belt in his hand thrown over the shoulders are soft and comfortable. Who used to look when it is too thin too, after the usable as addictive like never fit inside. I bought a large (GM), in addition to weekdays, when something more than love to use it, business travel, they also will be put in the suitcase. In this way both can take another one or two decorative strong package, they will not bother to install a few things while. Go to the studio film, which in addition to a variety of must-carry items, as well as computers and thick material, when shopping is a lightweight starting a rewarding experience. Folding out the traces of things installed after nearly as good, dirty a damp cloth to wipe clean immediately, pour a few drops of rain are completely okay, but also do not have to worry about discoloration problems with other parts of the package.


I personally like the black line fit, there are black, white, light coffee tricolor, not garish pattern of small, but unexpected dark colored clothes with no conflict. Other blue, green, red, orange and other bright colors are also very beautiful colors, there is a girl with a white, two, three years down the hands of GOYARD still looked white clusters of new snow. In recent years, the inherent pattern plus a few bright color of the design is also very popular, because of their small like a grain pattern, this “mashup” is not weird looks fresh and interesting.

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