Replica Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Bags

Fendi 2JOUR handbags since its introduction, has been much loved and sought after fashion people, it does not lose its stylish practicality, superior quality material to make handbags are very durable, capacity and structure of the bag together you need to set up different occasions . It’s like 2Jours-Toujours French interpretation, is “often” here with you, Evergreen and fashion accessories sense.

Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Ferrari-Leather Bag

Chalk powder, barley, poppy red and white color and multicolor 2JOURS calfskin shopping bag, with a removable shoulder strap and can be customized designer, decorated with enamel details. Small 2JOURS shopping bag, shopping bag multicolor small 2JOURS calf, decorated with geometric 3D effects and long shoulder strap. This package is fully build by hand, Fendi will launch a special video, record production process of this package.

Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Ferrari-Leather Bag_01

Fashion show 2JOURS shopping bag, gradient pink 2JOURS calfskin shopping bag, decorated with geometric patterns and leather straps. On the edge of a section of the package into two enamel metal, representing the Fanta “duality” of the spirit of the brand. The application of the popular Fanta 2JOURS bag stitching method to four different color sets together, so that the entire section highlights a bag elegance. At the same time, it combines versatility and portability in one, convenient for consumers to use.

Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Ferrari-Leather Bag_02

The Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Ferrari Leather Bag bags full of a long strap and short handles, you can either hand shoulder, especially for working people to use. It is worth mentioning that on this Fendi bag tag can also engrave initials of stamping developed. This simple design combined with innovative technology, it has become synonymous with a unique style of Fendi again. 2Jours package by women around the world are welcome in the world are caused by hot, 2Jours idea taken from the from the French word meaning eternal Toujours, emphasizing the design of the concept of two yuan. As the main features 2Jours handbag, Petit 2 Jours loyal to the brand philosophy – duality Dualism, Petit 2Jours package shall be a combination of two different materials emphasize insisted Fendi Fendi classic understated luxury.

Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Ferrari-Leather Bag_03

The details of the material inside the bag work with medium and large 2Jours completely identical, middle zipper pocket sandwich can be when used in order to put some carry small items, located above Bussell additional security measures can be enhanced, detachable shoulder strap, adding this the diversity of the package shall be used. Lovely and elegant style especially for Asian women as the best package shall weekdays outfit. Customized logo can be printed on chrome 3 abbreviation, so small eternity Fendi bag Petit 2Jours pack more unique.

2Jours is a short handle tote bag, the most obvious feature is the horizontal metal bar at the top of the bag, so that bag body has a strong sense of line, and the bag decorated with Fendi (Fendi) brand small flag. “2Jours” series of exquisite fabrics, textures, very unique design, the use of a large number of fascinating and a bit of color stitching techniques, plus highlights ladder Wrap atmosphere, so soon after the bag out to the streets, and all will be in the It Girl wonderful interpretation of the road under the stars become the new darling of the bag sessions.

Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Ferrari-Leather Bag_04

2Jours Elite Series design is simple, elegant, color hit color, solid colors and prints, etc. Such wild style of minimalism, but when the millennium, plus the star ladies who get together and children’s demonstration and interpretation, 2Jours does not want to fire all done!

Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Ferrari-Leather Bag_05
This package also provides customized services, if extravagant control are careful observation, you will find out each with its parade of stars, the tag name will be engraved with their initials. Create exclusively a man’s bag you have started? FENDI soft calfskin handbag brick red flamingo pattern, decorated with horsehide and AYERS QUTWEET patterns. Red enamel trim, palladium-color trim and pendants. Double handles and detachable long shoulder strap. With a magnetic clasp. Inner side: zipper divided by two mezzanine.

Fendi 2jours Multicolor Sapphire Blue Ferrari-Leather Bag_06

Quality: Top Grade AAAAA / 1: 1 mirror quality
All of the pictures on website are 100% photoes of real products.
Main color: Sapphire Blue
Materials: Made of top quality genuine leather, imported anti-rust hardware
Size: 26CM x 21CM x 10CM
Packaging: Fendi original dust-proof plastic packaging bags
Note: Fendi with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description.

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