Replica Be Dior Top Handle Bags Pink

Dior New IT Bag-Be Dior bag available! Always respected simple and practical DIOR recently launched a new handbag “Be Dior”, listen to this name, like the back of every minute can become “Miss Dior”. In addition to this handbag collection DIOR classic elements and top craftsmanship, the most important is its versatility, five different interpretation of different styles back method, a top five, earn big!

Christian Dior Top-Handle Bag Pink

From France’s famous fashion consumer brands Dior, the fashion designer Christian Dior was founded in 1946, now part of LVMH LVMH owned subsidiary, the main business scope includes women’s, men’s, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry and other luxury accessories consumer goods, status in the fashion industry do not have much to say.

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Replica Be Dior Original Calfskin Leather Top Handle Bags Pink handbag always look neat atmosphere, simple and practical design, the latest autumn and winter 2014 series Be Dior handbag was recently officially launch its killer package Baoshen similar small trapezoidal design, with unique plus double flip magnet clasp closed padlock, feminine and elegant but also enhance security. The material, there is a conventional smooth calfskin, also like alligator, python skin leather kind of rare, used inside the delicate texture of the full leather lining with a hit-color effect, patch pockets on the back and inside of the package design for fragmented packets over many women quite practical. There are currently listed in black and white, black purple, bright yellow, black (with gold / silver hardware), dark blue, red color 7 models to choose from, you can Messenger, shoulder, hand-rolled, hand, or use as a small wallet.

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German modern artist Anselm Reyle the minimalist art concepts into Dior handbag creations, full of modern metal tones and Lady Dior’s version of type, with a special suture twill and printed on fluorescent camouflage small kid , Dior changed their elegant design, launched a new attempt!

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In a woman’s world, Dior has been synonymous with gorgeous and elegant. Since the first conference in 1947, Dior, and each time the introduction of new work have caused the fashion industry and the media attention. Whether fashion, cosmetics, perfume or bags, Dior brand has always maintained high-level route gorgeous design, at the peak dominating the fashion world. Next Xiaobian everyone to understand the Dior brand history, feel Dior brand culture.

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Brand LOGO: design every detail complete coordination together. The letter D using just right. All the details of the pursuit of luxury design are very harsh, Dior logo design in the letters D and O is a very interesting mix typical of a semicircle with elliptical echoes constitute a perfect arc.

Christian Dior Top-Handle Bag Pink_05

Increasing the feeling of sheepskin material, but also to look more soft, more Dior woman should have a sense of elegance. Weaving techniques, for the spring and summer of Dior bag is also a sense of increased ventilation. Whether you are a casual weekend outings with your lover, busy weekday commute, more or hangover night revelry, including this bag are you mix and match fashion choice. Both do not underestimate this simple modeling Dior bag, do not forget sometimes originated in concise fashion. The bag is a simple mix and match the best balance of the overall complexity of a single product. Still considering it? Rapid shots, scored joker bag section, increasing simplicity parts for your spring and summer of 2009 show a complex mix.

This bag is for Christian Dior and German artist Anselm Reyle jointly launched a limited series of brilliant color fluorescence. unique lady dior handbags, Dior couture show called the eternal spirit of art. This section carefully crafted by hand in black quilted lambskin handbag decorated with Dior brand classic rattan Plaid “Cannage”. Two hand-carry, carry hand at the colorful triangle against the background of transparent plastic as a decorative and elegant Dior two “C” and “D” logo letters. Hand, wrist, arm collapse with three, showing unparalleled elegance. There are small size with the money.

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Quality: Top Grade AAAAA / 1: 1 mirror quality
All of the pictures on website are 100% photoes of real products.
Main color: Pink
Materials: Made of top quality genuine leather, imported anti-rust hardware
Size: 30CM x 23CM x 13CM
Packaging: Christian Dior original dust-proof plastic packaging bags
Note: Christian Dior with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description.

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