Replica Balenciaga Motorcycle City Bag Black


Balenciaga motorcycle bag in the City series of classic handbags. Motorcycle bag unique tether, do the old zipper texture, and wrapped up with a small leather mirror surface, are one of the last century to restore the locomotive culture of the fifties and sixties. Overall package type by tanning the natural texture of the finest sheepskin advanced materials to be specially treated to make the leather soft and smooth while maintaining dimensional, practicality and comfort coexist. Distressed rivets so that the original three-dimensional full of punk rock style motorcycle bag, reminiscent of the wonderful sixties. More black color is the classic of classics, is a best-selling black lambskin material, silver metal parts, two carry hand, a detachable shoulder strap. Wrap silver decorative rivets, zipper closure pocket. Inside black lining, zip pocket and leather edging decorative mirror. In sharp contrast black leather and silver spikes, creating the new season’s fashion trend.


The most classic Balenciaga motorcycle bag, with exquisite materials and the complex structure of the unique characteristics of a brand, the selection of suede, leather, alligator and other senior to special treatment, tether, zippers and hand-tanned leather, so handbags showing retro feel. From the brightest star, to model, to ordinary people, Balenciaga Mighty buns popular all over the world, so many years to change the status quo of the large ones, in the cortex and details constantly fuss, from leather to wax openwork lace, re-definition of the classic motorcycle bag. The most classic Balenciaga Motorcycle City city series classic motorcycle bag is simply to not be in the classic IT BAG. Moreover, this is a rare limited edition motorcycle bag ostrich material!


Ostrich material Balenciaga motorcycle bag Balenciaga Motorcycle City rare is the reason why a large number of rare animals in the leather, its flexibility and stronger than cowhide 3-5 times higher toughness, good ventilation, the most prominent feature is the leather that prominent small round particles, a unique pattern by highlighting those small round particles make up no two are alike. Ostrich handbag stronger moisture resistance, not aging, self-maintenance features. The use of a certain time, it will become more self-leather soft and delicate. Classic black styling, excellent selection of first-class leather; still early spring vacation series main push of the classic style, a unique leather should be required, the car line, metal buckles, zippers and hand-tanned leather motorcycle bag marks are important features; big handbag space, easy to carry items each size, is undoubtedly the current fashion Icon single product.


Although we can not say that the new “motorcycle bag” directly Balenciaga re-hwan youth, but it is undeniable that it is a fuse, lit up the aura of a designer’s career, but also to the legendary Balenciaga’s been writing. Balenciaga The appearance of neutral and practical bag, was called Motorcycle Bag, because unlike Shunv Bao, design a wild, reckless street rock flavor, especially on the outer bag zipper bag are tied with a the same color leather cord, easy to ride with one hand while you can easily pull the pocket. Although there is no brand LOGO, but this unique leather should be required, and soon became the best Balenciaga motorcycle bag identification signs.


Choose low-key black leather bag body symmetry, buckle at the crescent design, metal decorative embellishment add fashion sense. The design is very suitable for large pockets commuter, practical and elegant, stylish woman who is worth having. Balenciaga motorcycle bag is pretty classic style, we think so much back and forth introduced a limited color or material motorcycle bag limit, all have their own characteristics. Lavender crocodile motorcycle bag looks very elegant texture, plus a special lavender, very aristocratic feeling of the wind; black Balenciaga Motorcycle City Bag is too pure, although the risk might and motorcycle bag style somewhat dissonant, but Walking on the road is definitely high retention rates; though locomotive package is not in the traditional sense, but such a rosy hue also do not have a flavor. Balenciaga Balenciaga motorcycle bag 2011 new winter –Balenciaga Motorcycle City Bag Black, from the point of view and no different from the traditional style of motorcycle bag, it highlights that the material completely. Everyone knows that, Balenciaga motorcycle bag has always been to do the old leather special treatment, must be allowed to have a hand-tanned leather traces, in order to create a unique style locomotive. This bag is fantastic and especially the cortex to create very good feeling, still in the bag outside of a circle of gold inlay trim. This in the end it will be popular or will be demoted worthless it can only wait and see.


So noble bags need to be careful care to make life much longer, so when you receive the bag when used, do not impact or repeated friction, in order to avoid damage to its surface; prevent direct sunlight to prevent fading patterns; collection time Please collections stored in the included dust band; keep dry, avoid direct contact with high temperature; avoid prolonged contact with the pigment off easily materials (such as magazines, and other leather, etc.), to prevent its pigment transferred to the patent leather, leather for any Colors are very easy to stain; oils and cosmetics are likely to penetrate into the leather, so to avoid contact with the product;
When it needs cleaning, some cloth gently with a cloth or brush, clean with soap and water, avoid touching the leather parts. When the leather part of the need to clean, soft, dry cloth should wipe, do not use soap or solvent. Do the above points, the bag will be durable.


Main color: Black
Materials: Made of top quality genuine leather, imported anti-rust hardware
Size: 16.5 “x 8.3” x 6.7 “(W42 x H21 x D17cm)
Packaging: Balenciaga original dust-proof plastic packaging bags
Note: Balenciaga with the original serial number, serial card and a detailed description.

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