Replica Prada Saffiano Bag Yellow


Summer has arrived, prada bags fuss in color, Prada is one of the country’s relatively high profile brands, is now one of the few luxury brands listed. From 1913, the creation of the first Prada store in Milan beginning, this brand represents high quality bags, accessories and more. And Prada is a decent place with luggage brand started, settling deep in this regard. Killer still buy Prada bag Prada Saffiano Lux Top-Handle Open Tote it? That effort should have gone to see another new bar. Only Prada Saffiano Bag Yellow and killer styling package is somewhat similar, but the curvature will be a bit deeper, some appear more feminine. Bright yellow color is more eye-catching than a killer package and more, it is a good choice for spring and summer.


Many people like Prada Saffiano series of bags, because the series combination of rivets, buckle and bright colors and changing shape and other fashion factor. Although at first sight the feeling is very important, but we still have to consider when shopping goods quality, style, design and price. Now for everyone to send a Prada handbag Prada Saffiano Pouchette series, there are at least three reasons you convince yourself it’s worth. First, it is the latest spring and summer 2013 package, hatchback design, can match a lively and casual feel; color, bright colors places to get everyone’s attention, red, yellow, black, white ⋯⋯ two colors collision effects, stylish and eye-catching! To show people this side of fresh Prada, early people soak up the sun in the summer.


Check Saffiano embossed leather is one of the most representative leather Prada, using a special process Spain calf production, showing texture unique slant Plaid, tough and durable and scratch resistant role. The Saffiano Lux (Plaid leather bag) series is also Prada classic series. Prada Saffiano Lux package shall series to the classic Prada Saffiano leather embossed material based, three-dimensional super-rich to make it intentionally cut silhouette style retro style. Magical amber always possible to balance lofty place and avant-garde, with inviolable excellent Masanori children with PRADA pressure stamped semi shiny, fashion sense can not resist blowing, Queen Fan children ready.


Special treatment process showing the pressure stamped semi shiny effect greatly enhance the fashion index, clean-cut three-dimensional design, every stitch, every metal parts are telling PRADA’s extraordinary charm, beauty luxury difficult to replicate. Bags used to strengthen parts of the force trim design, not only solid and reliable, but also play a modified role, but also highlights its clean-cut. Like any time you change a variety of styles, will love it dual-band mobile shoulder, with different costumes are free to change, both gorgeous and alternative, PRADA can easily get. A rational use of space to meet your travel needs, convenient storage of intimate items is consistent pursuit of PRADA design, elegant interior and meticulous workmanship will make you see the quality of PRADA deep charm. Gleaming polished metal zipper, depression logo not only represents the PRADA, it is the ultimate expression of their craftsmanship and deep brand charm. Closely fit the style of the King PRADA accentuates calfskin with metal elements, it’s a favorite inverted triangle logo, is the best interpretation of luxury and fashion.


Classic triangle LOGO, unique embossing, highlight the brand characteristics.
Maintenance of knowledge:
1, in order to maintain the original shape of the leather, do not overload, loading too many items, and avoid heavy pressure administered.
2. Avoid exposure to sunlight or excessive leather humid environment, and avoid direct contact with cosmetics or perfumes.
3, when the product is wet, please natural dyeing, absorption and strong, smooth cloth and gently wipe.
4, when not in use, place the leather bag placed in the dust. If you wish to better protect the leather, you can set cotton pad on the inside, and the chain belt housed in the bag, can only maintain the original leather texture.
5, metal chains and buckles need to be a clean, soft cloth to maintain their brightness.
6, regularly go to a professional maintenance services for maintenance of luggage, bags can maintain life.

Prada is one of the famous luxurious brands in the world. Its number is 16625S. This Ladies bag made in Cow Leather will certainly make you stand out from other in your party. And pay attention to your style and size to see that whether this HandBags and W31 x H20 x D14cm bag is suitable for you. We can still have a qualified handbag without overpaying thousands of money although originals are very costly. A good idea is to buy an excellent replica handbag if you want a luxury brand but do not want to spend that much money.

Brand Prada
Series No Model 16625S
Gender Ladies Style HandBags
Material Cow Leather
Color Yellow
Size W31 x H20 x D14cm

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