Mulberry Women’s Postmans Lock Chain Purse Gray

The most typical is the home of Proenza Schouler Proenza Schouler PS1 Continental Wallet, and Proenza Schouler PS1 series almost exactly the same style. But today introduced Mulberry Postman’s Lock Continental wallet, Mulberry home signs purse, I think it seems not particularly prominent in this regard. Of course, you can also say that copper buckle wallet is and Mulberry Alexa Bag is a model, but I think more is the color aspect to make people recognize something Mulberry at home, this really is a family favorite with Mulberry green. So I think this is a matter the brand characteristics, to choose the big line to start the wallet, but also can be considered.

Mulberry Postmans Purse

“Structural sense and simplicity” is the inspiration for “Willow” This taupe handbag “Combo” front with a bag for you to create lightweight shapes by hand bag zipper split it uses carefully selected and leather surface treatment silky smooth.

Mulberry Women’s Postmans Lock Chain Purse Gray Bags of colorful spring and index Mulberry2015 definitely enough to make you believe in this winter, warm up, fall in love with a rainbow behind a steady stream of courage Mulberry transmitted to you! Mulberry bags, whether this series is extremely simple briefcase or satchel extreme, decent while allowing crowds flu, cold day walking in the city which has become a hero both seem like a pleasure! How can you love life, do not miss this series!

Mulberry Postmans Purse_01

Mulberry launched the 2015 spring and summer series of bags, this series continues the consistent style of casual and simple, generous and elegant mix of fun to create the most natural of urban people. Package their hands of the match man of God must come to look at Mulberry’s new series of the package, make sure you can find your own heart water of choice.

Clutch for the daily life provides many convenient place to meet people so greedy beauty requirements, while the pursuit of quality for the brand Mulberry also provide certain guarantees. Subtle sweet lies that small plants, although subtle but clever.

Mulberry Postmans Purse_02

Advanced leather brand Mulberry has a variety of street shooting in the shape of a weapon, retro England Mulberry flavor is an important reason to be beloved. Not too many fancy decorations, simple snap enough. 2013 spring and summer, Mulberry launched the “Willow” series. A few days ago I saw on International Trade in Mulberry brand shops VIP events in kind, as if the color of fresh sweet candy this series, but not so overhangs. Outside it is suitable for young girls dream full of girls, light green, light pink and other colors, as well as restrained black color. Several dimensions to meet different needs. At that time I was thinking, this girl flavor carry on bag, the girls go on the road in the heart should also sweetness.

Mulberry Postmans Purse_03
Outline sharp Willow Tote combines classic MulberryPostman’s Lock (messenger bag lock) and padlock strap, in addition to reflect the brand’s leather craft and crafted lines, this new series also focused on the design versatility. It can be used for handbags, but after cleverly envelope type outside the bag zipper open along independently for clutch (Hand bag) to use, is versatile package section.

Mulberry will launch a special customized version of Ram Cara Delevingne (Cara Delevingne) handbags, the world’s limited only 88. Personally designed by Cara, easy way out of mini size, charming poppy red handbag ornaments adorable sheep specially engraved seal, skilled craftsmen to create the full range of Made in England! Is more useful is its 3-way back method, it Handle both elegant seated, but feel free to travel light back up the field. So adorable sheep festive New Year, the New Year does not grab them!

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