Best Christian Dior Chain Shoulder Bag Tote For Sale

Christian Dior is a very high profile French fashion brand, its advanced custom series, fashion, bags, fragrances, skin care products are very popular. In terms of luggage, Christian Dior’s most popular series should be the Lady Dior series, and even feel the Christian Dior Lady Dior overshadowed all other luggage home limelight.

Dior Chain Shoulder Bag in Sheepskin Leather D0910 Blue

Star with money:
Star with money is a French actress Marion Cotillard, she felt familiar it? Yes, she is Miss Dior series in the first quarter spokesperson. Indeed the Miss Dior to carry out in the end, large and small, should have used a shoulder bag.

Dior Chain Shoulder Bag in Sheepskin Leather D0910 Blue_01

Christian Dior New Lock Pouch style looks and Miss Dior series of shoulder bag is no different, just slightly smaller size. If Chanel’s WOC series (for example, we introduced the Chanel Boy Calfskin Wallet) have to understand the words, probably can imagine, this is a wallet and shoulder bag dual-use style. How practical it can not, but really small and charming.

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We introduce Dior handbags series, then, are generally introduced Lady Dior, or the Lady Dior series of other accessories, such as Dior Voyageur Cannage Wallet and so on. Dior Lady Dior wanted to be reconciled only this a classic, so recently the main push of a new series of Miss Dior. From Lady to Miss, I feel more and more how this name back out?

Miss Dior for the market seems to be Chanel 2.55 and Chanel Classic Flap market, the same Shoulder Messenger dual-use package, the same chain, almost the same dimensions have proved this point. Miss Dior also relatively high-end positioning, known handmade, also uses a number of wooden molds, each bag requires a skilled craftsman to spend a day. In fact, the texture is good, with some rare leather snakeskin and the like, and some are using a soft lambskin, and some are used in Jacquard. Color aspect also a great choice, black, pink, gold red, yellow, etc., can also be mature youthful temperament.

Dior wanted to come in this series or the next point effort, but also invited the French actress Marion • Cotillard (Marion Cotillard) to the interpretation of a large advertising. Large photograph touches very pretty, but the bag now, it seems like the Lady Dior has not the same sense of heritage.

Dior Spring Series create a new image of the goddess and laid-back feel brand new. To the new season, say “Aloha.” In the new season’s accessories, the new Dior sexy beauty in a prominent colors and bold stance in free ride, show both elegant and rich tropical resort influx of people image.

Dior Chain Shoulder Bag in Sheepskin Leather D0910 Blue
– Sheepskin Leather
– Gold Hardware
– Golden chain shoulder strap
– Top Zip Closure
– Interior fabric lining
– One internal zip pocket
Size: W28 x H17 x D9 cm (1 “= 2.54CM)
Replica Dior Bag Come with serial numbers, Dior authenticity card, Dior dust bag and Dior care booklet.

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